So long… and thanks for all the magical moments!

Iconic founder, visionary and CEO of Apple Inc. recently resigned. The tech world, despite my oft-voiced opinions against Apple, is better off, thanks to Steve. He will be sorely missed, and so will his spectacular keynotes.

Fans (Phani, in particular) can hark back to his innumerable contributions here – Steve Jobs’ Apple: a timeline

In his honor, we have set our blog’s theme to emulate Steve’s aesthetics. Hope you all like it.

Shishir Bhat


Brief snapshot of the life at IIMT

We have come a long way from the initial apprehension and anxiety in just the two weeks of our stay, since the take off of IIM Trichy. NIT Trichy, home for IIMT in its initial formative years, with its excellent infrastructure and a sprawling 800 acres campus has especially been instrumental in uprooting whatever remaining shred of doubt there was dangling in the corners of our minds. To be honest it is not every day that a new B-School, even if it is an IIM, in its nascent days, gets to enjoy the kind of facilities that we have. With the able leadership of Prof. Agnihotri and an accomplished faculty to boast of, we indeed consider ourselves fortunate and reaffirm our decision in choosing IIM-Trichy.

Academic block

Our academic block, newly renovated, stands elegant right in front of the Central library, a structure which is hard to miss in the campus. It houses the state of the art air-conditioned classrooms fully furnished with all the basic requirements, staff cabins, admissions office and our very own well equipped library.

Our classroom

Cricket ground

Badminton court

Basket ball court

Fitness center

Swimming pool

Tennis court

Only a few meters to the right of the Central Library is the Sports Complex housing the well maintained fitness center, Badminton, tennis and basket ball courts. In addition to all this there is also a swimming pool to cool ourselves from the usually intense academic schedules. Not to mention our batch is already making full use of the available facilities. It has become a general practice for us, in the evenings, to form separate groups and indulge ourselves in games of our interests although with the classes having started and the course rigor catching up, it would be interesting to see how we are going to manage. Also next to the Sports Complex a little distance away is the huge cricket ground (in picture).

Beryl Hostel

Behind the academic block, again only a little distance away is Beryl, our boys’ hostel. It has 12 wings including both the ground and the first floor with a total of 192 rooms with each wing having 16 rooms. The rooms have been re-painted and the carpentry work has been completed and we must confide that the facilities have been more than satisfactory. With the wi-fi about to be installed in the coming weeks an excellent environment for education and learning is bound to be created. There is also enough space adjacent to the hostel which is currently the place where we play cricket in the evenings.

The life at Beryl itself has been fun and we can already feel that special association and bonding that we are developing both with the place and among ourselves. The place is always abuzz with activities right through the night with some gaming freaks forming networks to play their favorite LAN game in one of the wings while in the other wing you might catch a bunch of traditional nerds discussing a case or solving the day’s assignment seriously.

In the ground floor to the back of the hostel is the well maintained mess. I am yet to hear any complaints about the food being served. The food has been excellent so far and that has been the general consensus amongst the batch. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us put on some weight soon:)

Juice Center

And finally the Sri Krishna Juice stall has become the favourite hangout spot for most of us especially in the evenings. In this typical hot and humid Trichy weather it is fortunate that we have this place close by to get a cool refreshing drink every now and then.

There are also quite a few stores inside the campus where we can buy any of the things that we might need in our day to day life.

In conclusion the intoxicating IIM-Trichy life is catching up with all of us and with the support of the excellent and esteemed faculty we will certainly scale our expectations and ambitions and leave a lasting imprint here in IIMTrichy as its inaugural batch.

– Uday K

Hello world!

We are the students of IIM Trichy, class of 2011-13. We are the first batch of this great institute and we are beset with unique opportunities and challenges. We intend to use this blog and our twitter feed to document our experiences which will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

A new beginning

-Shishir Bhat & Svaroop