The Prize

The scorching heat and barren land,
Abstemious food and sweating hand,
Bangy weather, the tale of past,
Welcome to the destination last.

The horse is new, but very strong,
The river deep, but versatile throng,
The hope I have and dreams seen,
Much in the life, many times been.

The divine power, wishes of all,
Never letting down, never to fall,
The fighter in me has to rise
That’s the dream, that’s my prize.

Ankur Kumar


A new beginning

Finally it begins, a new sensation called IIM Tiruchirappalli,
safe in the able hands of a true leader, our beloved, prof. Agnihotri,
under whose guidance, we’l evolve, a bunch of eager young mindz
only to create and leave a legacy of success and learnings behindz! 🙂

– Uday Krishna