I Hate You… Like I Love You

Well this is not at all about the comic item song of Amir Khan from his latest movie but it is just that I have “innocently” borrowed the catchy title out of habit. It is early morning, six in fact, on a lazy Sunday morning while I am writing this and I am purposely mentioning the time as I am not up because of my early rising habits but I am woken up by the alarm of usual power cuts in morning.

Two days back when the election process for one committee was going on, one candidate “disclosed” his “discovery” that Trichy sucks. I want to elaborate more on this discovery. Yes there are few factors which will primarily be the basis of this finding but I think they all are external “macro level” conditions which we will have to handle with till we are here in NIT campus. But as I have already spent “comfortably” two weeks in IIM Trichy system, my trait of optimism makes me to take it in a positive manner. One of the biggest advantages of being in this temporary campus is that we have nothing to do… except study. One of the other advantages is that this campus is so huge that some of my friends here thought of starting a commute agency in the campus, but the positive point here is that these long walks enable us to have lengthy “fruitful” discussions with our friends.

But most importantly I love this place because IIM Trichy is housed here. A small group of energetic, enthusiastic, bunch of people, full of dreams are trying to shape the future of this institute which is in its infancy. Right from Director to faculty to admin staff to students everybody is very busy in carrying out duties at the same time enjoying this process. It is similar to parents looking after their baby, showering their love, planning for baby’s future and carefully shaping up a responsible citizen for the society. I feel proud to be part of this experience.

— Vikram Budania


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