Election, selection and everything in between

This is final week of June and we are about a fortnight old in this new setup we call IIM Trichy. Life hasn’t picked up pace yet and for most people it is running as smoothly as ever, though we anticipate a spurt of activity in coming weeks as we move into July.

Being in a new setup is always an experience of its kind. Policies are to be formulated, loopholes are to be plugged, and whatever remains unplugged again has to be plugged in. Things have to be started and kept running. There are issues in plenty. One of the major issues that has been the campus buzz lately pertains to the election/selection of the most important student body (unarguably)  ”Placecom”. We, being the first batch have got all the say in how should it be forged.  And… when I say “all the say” I do mean it. And what happens is a chaos. All the people making rightful use of this franchise coming up with all sorts of ideas. Most of them are rational thoughts with sound logic, difficult to be refuted. But too much of mulling over results in commotion and the primacy of the objective that we set out with is lost. There isn’t a “single truth” or “single solution” to most problems in real life. And at times a group needs a leadership, a decision, a policy more than an agreement to achieve the objective. Perhaps this is the learning that we take from this exercise.

The leadership did step in and now we are on right course, and surprisingly I haven’t come across any talks of dissent once the decision was taken by the administration. This is when there were dozen ways of going about the procedure under consideration a short while ago.

As rightly recounted by one of the profs in class “Even best of the managers are right just 60% of the times” – Kotler


— Vaibhav Tewari

P.S. This post is intended to be a diary entry of life in IIM Trichy, meant for posterity.


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