Belief – The magic sauce behind all success

Belief – It is the strangest of all the capabilities a human being is bestowed with. It is often the source of greatest strength yet can render one cripplingly helpless if misplaced. It is not something that can be called upon at will; it is fleeting, like the apparitions in front of your eyes – lost when you focus on it. Now that we’ve unambiguously established the nature of this ambiguous quality, let’s delve further into how it can be an immeasurable source of strength to us.

Why should a topic which should be relegated to the back pages of poorly written self-help books be of any interest to us, you say? But you would be wrong, for it is belief that led us here, led us to choose IIM Tiruchirappalli over other well-established institutes. It is belief that we can succeed despite the odds being stacked against us that drives us so. Such is its magical nature that a strong belief in success inevitably leads to success. Circuitous logic you say? History is teeming with examples of success inspired by such resolve:

Half-time score: Liverpool 0 -3 AC Milan. Occasion: Champions League Final, Istanbul, 2005. Surely it is game over? How often has a team recovered from such a deficit and gone on to lift the trophy? But that was precisely what happened. When the chips were down, it was the belief armed with tenacity that saw Liverpool through and the achievement left its mark in the history books forever.

The year is 1997 – 12 years after he was unceremoniously sacked for refusing to compromise on his philosophy and beliefs, the iconic Steve Jobs returns to his position as the CEO of a floundering company. His first action was to reinvent Apple according to his beliefs and fortify them under his banner. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Belief is the hallmark of all successes – The indomitable Rafael Nadal, Team India at World Cup, or our soldiers at the battlefront. Belief, like laughter (and slumber) is infectious. This is why it is of utmost importance that we infect ourselves with a strong dosage of  belief – in ourselves and our vision. This is what will carry us through the next two years of uncertainty and the challenges that are bound to crop up for a fledgling institute like ours.

The way I see it, we are in a game where we are betting on ourselves to succeed and belief in ourselves might just be the magic sauce that will ensure that we do!

Shishir Bhat


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