IIMT – Awake in a dream

It all started when I first dreamed to be one among the greatest entrepreneurs, about whom, people from the Urbanized-India to Rural-India, spoke with respect in their voices.

Dreams always make you feel sleepless.

This dream followed me until I entered the IIM – Trichy campus, and then the same dream has been transformed to a much mature thought of be not only being a respected-entrepreneur but a much-more-respected human being.

Relationships are what a human is made of – No human exists without a relation and when I speak of relations, Friends occupy the crucial role. Even before I entered the campus, I already have a good number of friends, which gave me insight of how my next 2 years would be.

Always being the First of anything is a tough challenge and we all are ready to take up the challenge. The words First batch of the premier institution THE IIM of the fast-growing nation makes me proud.

We are friends and we would always be.

We would learn being good and responsible citizens of the country.

We would carry the responsibility of creating legacy and we are ready to take it.

We would build our dream careers and We would build the organization.

– Sharath Devulapalli


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