IIMT – A New Beginning

My first day, rather night – since I had arrived in the late hours of a lazy evening on 14th of June, at IIM Trichy was filled with mixed emotions – alright, maybe a touch biased towards the negative side. Before reaching the college I had the excitement usually akin to people on the eve of an adventure – once on the campus the zeal mellowed down a bit; a familiar lump had swelled up in my throat rekindling the memories of my first day of the hostel life in VIT University. Yes, I was embarrassed to have to deal with such trivial issue especially when you take my thirty four months work-ex into account.

Initially I was apprehensive about my colleagues – I did not know whom to talk to, never mind the idea of befriending a soul which didn’t even occur to me at that time. All I could see was apes in human forms – I am sure this is a feeling which many could associate with once an alien environment in impressed upon them – unless they exhibit astounding xenophilic characteristics.  However, once the initial few days got over, and I was forced to interact with these so called ‘apes’ – I started to get to know them – it was pleasantly surprising to witness the extraordinary rate of evolution which these apes exhibited and became almost human! I am sure Mr. Darwin would have been rather impressed!

The batch of 86 at IIM T – as IIM Trichy is now being addressed as, boasts of a diverse cultural mix, comprising of people from various nooks and crannies of the country.  The director is encouragingly enthusiastic, the credential of the faculty can render you awestruck,  but more than that it is the quality that I see in these 86 that has given me a feeling of comfort and has vindicated my decision to join IIM T. I know, being the first batch of this institute, we are entrusted with a tremendous responsibility and the onus rests upon us to create a legacy for others to follow, at the same time we mustn’t forget that at the heart we are students and one must enjoy this student life to the fullest. Life is too short to be serious and too costly to be careless.

Today it’s almost ten days since my first at IIM T and almost all the apes have evolved into humans – and use of the word almost, and I say this with utter frankness, is no accident!

Apurva Shikhar


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